NEW Acoustic Remix from Grieves

My friend and Rhymesayers Rapper/Producer/Mustache-Grower Extraordinaire Grieves sent this to the office last week and YOU KNOW we had to get it out there ASAP. It’s a remix of his massive hit “Bloody Poetry” using only 2 mics, an acoustic guitar, and an incredible COLOR BALL to really tie things together. Mr. Jonathan Olivares really […]

Reflections on Gratitude from the UUA President

This morning the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) President published a new blog post on gratitude, in-tune with this week’s “Holiday”. I don’t necessarily agree with the founding reasons of Thanksgiving and the whole Pilgrims thing, but that’s a whole ‘nother post in itself. Below are a few excerpts from the post that I really like. […]

Download: Prison Garde (fka Megasoid & Sixtoo)

If you remember the early 00s indie hip hop scene and the circa 2008 electronic/dance scene, you might know Sixtoo (hip hop producer) and MEGASOID (“lazer-bass”, etc). I’m a HUGE fan of both projects that Robert Vaughn Squire has undertaken. Now, he’s working under the alias Prison Garde and has released a couple projects. Most […]