Hey, who’s Leif?


I work at TPT – Twin Cities Public Television. PBS, baby!

Formerly, I did social media and marketing at Rhymesayers Entertainment, one of the premier independent hip-hop labels in the world.

I love connecting others. I love connecting musicians with ears. I love connecting food with taste buds. My passion is communication and seeing hard work come to fruition. (Your) Success is my happiness and I feed off of incorporating things I love into something tangible and presentable.


I landed on earth at 6:22 pm on June 18th, 1987 in Duluth, Minnesota. Following a trend that haunts me to this day, I was pretty annoyed and escaped early…3 months, in fact.

My name comes from my Scandinavian roots (Norwegian, Swedish, etc.) and my dad running by Leif Erickson park in Duluth the week of my “birth”.

I’ve lived in Ashland, WI, Mankato, MN, Waukesha, WI, Milwaukee, WI, and now Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from Marquette University in May 2010 with degrees in Broadcast and Electronic Communication and French.

Due in part to my premature birth, I was diagnosed with Pierre-Robin Sequence. After two surgeries (Osteogenesis Mandibular Distraction in 1999, and a LeFort 1 Lower Mandibular Osteotomy in 2007), I now look like this (on the inside):